Success Stories


California Coastal Cleanup Day 2018


Our first local beach survey was conducted on September 15th, 2018. We collaborated with California State Monterey Bay’s Marine Science club and hosted groups from Seaside High School’s Key Club and Environmental Science Club. The event had 68 participants and was a major success conducting 5 surveys.




In the fall of 2018, we partnered up with LiMPETS of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary. We were fortunate enough to have field days with local middle schools from Monterey and even one from Fresno, Ca. Throughout these field days, we were successful in working with 160 students and conducting 10 surveys.


Marina High School


Our first local high school marine debris workshop was conducted in the Fall of 2018. Our workshop was conducted over two days with a lecture session and a field research day. This proved to be a huge success with amazing participation and involvement from students. During our field research day we conducted 7 surveys.