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Educating the youth and community about marine debris through hands-on field research experience, locally in California and internationally.



The Ocean Debris Management Initiative arose from the need for education and outreach due to the rising problems caused by ocean litter. When our founder set out on a research expedition with One People One Reef and Bluecology to the Federated States of Micronesia, he was appalled by the amount of trash that covered the coastlines. Even areas never inhabited by humans were affected by anthropogenic waste. Also while in Micronesia, he grew to know and care for the people there, and knew they deserved a better waste management system. And so he began to wonder how he-in the United States- could help the people on these remote islands.

After banding together with some of his fellow marine scientists, ocean lovers, surfers and scuba divers, ODMI began to get it’s footing. As students themselves, this group knew the importance of education and investing in the future.

So we began reaching out to high schools and middle schools to teach the youth about marine debris and how their own trash could one day possibly litter the beaches of Micronesia (many of them have never even heard of the country!). The people of ODMI also knew the value of hands-on experience, so we began to guide the children to completing real scientific research by classifying this waste during beach clean-ups in California.

This brings us up to date on the life of Ocean Debris Management Initiative. We will continue to fight for clean beaches and healthy oceans here in Monterey County, partnering with One People One Reef and Bluecology on the remote islands of Micronesia, and other areas around the world- because battling marine debris is everyone’s responsibility.


Fuller Gerbl
Chief Executive Officer

Help us to keep our beach clean for generations to come

Help us to keep our beach clean for generations to come