Another Year for the Books.


Thank you for such an amazing experience, partnering with One People One Reef and Bluecology to share the traditions, experience the beauty, and spend time with the community that lives on each island within the Ulithi Atoll. Assisting One People One Reef and Bluecology’s reef and marine conservation work and spearheading the research revolving around marine debris can help preserve the beauty of the culture, as well as environmental and ecological thresholds of the community. It is more important now than ever as global climate conditions continue to change. The problems resulting from marine debris accumulation are unfortunately going to continue to increase on a global scale . Working towards a solution now can help preserve the health and life of the important habitats that are affected. In recognition of the magnitude of this problem, we have established ODMI (Ocean Debris Management Initiative), a US 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to documenting the problem and educating everyone about the issues and solutions.


Data compiled by Ocean Debris Management Initiative.


Full 2018 Report Coming Soon


Key Monterey County Stats from 2018.


pieces of debris collected

75 lbs

of debris collected



Number of surveys


students educated


With your help you can help us preserve and maintain our oceans for generations to come.